Frequently asked questions

What makes a Wig Kosher?

Kosher wigs aka sheitals are head covering worn mainly by Frum Orthodox Jewish women which come with a hashgacha (kosher certification), that indicates proof in which the wigs we made with are not made with hair originating from avodah zarah (rituals deemed to be idolatrous).

How should you choose your Sheitel Macher?

Its simple you must feel super confortable and with zero pressure, even bring along a friend who will be open and honest with you.

Online sheitels for sale, Really? Do you really need to buy wigs from a Local Sheitel Macher & WHY?

There are many parts to buying a wig including color, cap size, length and confortability Etc. Buying a wig is very special and should be purchased in person at a local sheital macher near you.

Should I wear a Sheitel vs Tichel?

Ask your local rabbi